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Women ARE Injured In the Procedure of Having an Abortion

The supreme court recently struck down a Texas law that required health and safety standards to be upheld in abortion clinics.  The reason given is that it would shut down most of the clinics and that shutting down these clinics would infringe on a womans "Constitutional right" to have an abortion.  The willingness to sacrifice women's lives and thier health in order to protect their UNConstitutional right to murder thier baby is absolutely unbelievable insanity to be perpetrated upon God's creation.

The following is just a smattering of the information that you can find regarding the injuries and death of women who have had abortions.  The very first document that I list is from the Louisiana State Department of health, which lists the dangers of having an abortion.



Abortion & Pregnancy Risks | Department of Health | State of Louisiana


The risk of complications for the woman increases with advancing gestational age.  Below are descriptions of the risks that have been associated with abortion.

Pelvic Infection: Bacteria (germs) from the vagina or cervix may enter the uterus and cause an infection. Antibiotics may clear up such an infection. In rare cases, a repeat suction, hospitalization or surgery may be needed. Infection rates are less than 1 percent for suction curettage, 1.5 percent for D&E and 5 percent for labor induction.

  • Incomplete abortion: Fetal parts or other products of pregnancy may not be completely emptied from the uterus, requiring further medical procedures. Incomplete abortion may result in infection and bleeding. The reported rate of such complications is less than 1 percent after a D&E; whereas, following a labor induction procedure, the rate may be as high as 36 percent.
  • Blood clots in the uterus: Blood clots that cause severe cramping occur in about 1 percent of all abortions. The clots usually are removed by a repeat suction curettage.
  • Heavy bleeding: Some amount of bleeding is common following an abortion. Heavy bleeding (hemorrhaging) is not common and may be treated by repeat suction, medication or, rarely, surgery. Ask the doctor to explain heavy bleeding and what to do if it occurs.
  • Cut or torn cervix: The opening of the uterus may be torn while it is being stretched open to allow medical instruments to pass through and into the uterus. This happens in less than 1 percent of first trimester abortions.
  • Perforation of the uterus wall: A medical instrument may go through the wall of the uterus. The reported rate is one out of every 500 abortions. Depending on the severity, perforation can lead to infection, heavy bleeding or both. Surgery may be required to repair the uterine tissue, and in the most severe cases a hysterectomy may be required.
  • Anesthesia-related complications: As with other surgical procedures, anesthesia increases the risk of complications associated with abortion. The reported risks of anesthesia-related complications is around one per 5,000 abortions.
  • Rh Immune Globulin Therapy: Genetic material found on the surface of red blood cells is known as the Rh Factor. If a woman and her fetus have different Rh factors, she must receive medication to prevent the development of antibodies that would endanger future pregnancies.


Five Women Injured in 4 Weeks During Botched Abortions at Houston


Mar 4, 2015 - Five women have reportedly required emergency medical care after being injured during abortion procedures at a Planned Parenthood clinic ...  These five women are only a small fraction of those who require emergency medical care from botched abortions. As many as a thousand women are hospitalized in Texas every year due to complications suffered during abortions, according to court records reviewed by Operation Rescue.


How Abortion Hurts Women: The Hard Proof


"I penned the following words during my junior year at Middlebury College ... Women who have had abortions suffer an increased risk of anxiety, ... Nevertheless, a review of available data reveals that thousands of women are injured each year ..."

"Further, a 1994 article in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology revealed that abortions performed at more than 16 weeks’ gestation have 15 times the risk of maternal mortality as those performed during the first trimester. The same study also showed that black women and other minorities – who have a disproportionate number of abortions when compared with white women – are also 2.5 times more likely than white women to die of an abortion."

"This is not, of course, to say that illegal abortions were safe; though the actual data are nowhere close to the 10,000 claimed, at least 39 women died from illegal abortions in 1972. But an additional 24 women died that year from legal abortions in states that had weakened their laws in the years before Roe came down. As the medical data above reveal, more than three decades of legal abortion have not made the procedure much safer – women are still dying or suffering serious harm. Even Warren Hern, noted abortionist and author of Abortion Practice, a leading medical textbook, writes, [T]here are few surgical procedures given so little attention and so underrated in its potential hazard as abortion."


One of 3,348 Women Tell Supreme Court About Harm From Abortion


Mar 3, 2016 -  "Myers recalled at the event that she was married with children in 1973, the year the high court legalized abortion across the United States in the Roe v. Wadecase. When she became pregnant, her husband convinced her that she should have an abortion, which she did.  The injury she incurred from the abortion led to her having a hysterectomy."

“As women injured by the abortion industry, these women know first-hand that the abortion industry misleads and deceives women and does not adequately protect their health in the abortion context,” the press release issued by The Justice Foundation stated."


From pre-abortion coercion to post-abortion heartbreak, injury and deaths, abortion endangers the rights & lives of both


"At the abortion clinic, they gave Susanne a barbiturate that sent her into cardiac arrest.  Without oxygen, she lapsed into a coma. Four months later, she awoke in a nursing home, unable to talk and paralyzed from the neck down.  Three years later, Susanne died. She tapped out her last words on a special plastic synthesizer: 'Get in touch with my Dad. Tell him I love him.'"

"State law did not permit Maryland officials to prosecute the uncertified abortionist or the unregulated clinic, which grossed an estimated $10 million in 5 year.  When asked what she would tell a girl about to have an abortion, Susanne shook her head, "no," and tapped out:  "They would be taking a chance.""

"This woman died. The admitting physician never reported the incident as abortion-related, nor did she inform the abortion provider of the results of his 'care.' He was still practicing, without the slightest idea that his intervention had led to his patient's death...The medical diagnosis reads 'severe pain'—the real cause is abortion. The record reads 'vaginal bleeding”—the real cause is abortion. The operative note says 'ruptured ectopic pregnancy and internal hemorrhage'—the real cause is abortion. The autopsy states 'cause of death—overwhelming sepsis'—the real cause is abortion." – Emergency room physician Lenora Berning, M.D.


Injured by Abortion - Life Dynamics


When paramedics arrived at the clinic, they stated that they heard a woman screaming from the back of the office. They reported that the woman was bleeding heavily and the baby was still inside her. The paramedics stated that when they entered the room they observed:

female, naked from the waist down, rolling back and forth on the table screaming. Patient was covered in blood, legs bathed in blood, heavy constant stream of blood spurting from vagina, table covered in blood, numerous equipment tools on tables covered in blood. Suction unit on table also covered in blood and had blood in it… IV bag also covered in blood. Patient responded to her name but could not answer questions. Moaning and screaming. Patient stopped moving. Female attendant on scene tried to arouse patient, no response…

The female was then transferred to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery. The hospital ER filed the following statement with the board concerning her conditions and what they did:

The patient hemorrhaged and developed disseminating intravascular coagulopathy (DIC). On admission she underwent the following procedures: exploratory laparotomy, repair of uterine perforation, bilateral uterine artery ligation, right utero-ovarian artery ligation, repair of cervical laceration, and repair of vaginal vault laceration. The final pathology diagnosis of the uterine contents included the fetal head and upper vertebral column.


This Planned Parenthood Clinic Injured Four Women in Botched ...


May 20, 2015 - ... Parenthood Clinic Injured Four Women in Botched Abortions in 30 ... experienced a similar situation during the February 26 emergency, but...


Dangers of Abortion to Women - Live Action


Not a single Planned Parenthood abortion clinic acknowledged the recent injuries of women. When a caller asks Planned Parenthood's Birmingham, AL, ...


Twenty-one years later, woman dies of injuries sustained during her...


May 5, 2015 - During Stile's abortion, her incompetent abortionist intravenously administered anesthesia but failed to observe the basic protocol of monitoring ...


Women Killed by Abortion - ProLife.com


Women are injured and killed by abortion more often than you may be aware. ... During the procedure, she sustained a one-inch tear of her cervix and began to ...


Abortion Complications | After Abortion


Nov 23, 1990 - National statistics on abortion show that 10 percent of women undergoing .... Schulz, et.al., “Measures to Prevent Cervical Injury During Suction ...


Court Records Indicate Nearly 1,000 Abortion Patients Likely Hospitalized Annually in Texas


Apr 22, 2014 - During these proceedings, Planned Parenthood conceded that at least ... Fine referred to studies that show “only 2.5 percent of women who .... Filed Under: Pro-Life Tagged With: abortion, abortion death, abortion injury, Texas.









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