Letter of Appreciation

November 2000 to March 2001

3rd Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Foster, Okinawa, Japan


GySgt Stufflebeam has worked so much magic in the last year that it's surprising he has any sanity left.  The protocol office here at the MEF keeps him jumping and he always seems to come through with a solution to what we all think is going to be the impossible. Most of the requests are outrageous by the visiting VIP's that just make all of us mad as hell. He has the attitude of "let's get it done now" and eagerly assumes the responsibility of getting it done. I have personally worked with him on many VIP visits in the last year and the biggest challenge we were faced with was the EOS (Executive Off Site) conference. Well, unfortunately the EOS was relocated, but you need to know that we were ready. We were ready because of the work done by Marines like GySgt Stufflebeam.

~ MGySgt Dudney