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Thanksgiving - 2015

Tomorrow (November 26, 2015) is "THANKSGIVING DAY.”

I can say that there is a lot to be thankful for in the Stufflebeam household. I will name four, starting from the most recent:

LisaLastDayAtWalmart4) My life partner, and bride of 35 years, has become my full-time business partner.  On November the 11th, Lisa entered the doors of Wal-Mart as an employee for the last time. Our leadership develop business has generated enough income to replace Lisa’s salary and so she is no longer working in corporate America.

We are now working full-time in our own business and couldn’t be any happier. We haven’t gotten into our new daily routine, but it is nice to go to bed together and get up together and then face our day together. Fortunately, me and Lisa not only love each other, but we like each other and enjoy spending our time together.

I am thankful for our business, that God directed towards our way, and that we can not only work towards our financial freedom, but use this business as a resource for restoring our civil freedoms, not only in the financial side of things, but in the [truth] information that is available through the business.

DadOpenHeartSurgery3) My dad had open heart surgery to do a six-bypass surgery. He recovered so well that the doctor called him is “Drive Through Patient.”

I am thankful that dad is still alive and came through the surgery so well.

Accident2) On July 1st (2015), I was involved in a motorcycle accident, where a car without giving any sort of notice cross through my lane of traffic to make a right-hand turn and smashed into me. I had 6 broken ribs (in the back), a broken right clavicle, and a collapsed lung. And God made it perfectly clear to me that HE was not done with me here on earth, but that HE needed to get my attention.

I am thankful that God saw fit to give me however much longer on this earth to fulfill my mission(s) and destiny. I am thankful that I can spend more time with my family in order to leave a much more fulfilling legacy.

OkinawaNazareneChurch1) Lastly, and most importantly, on Dec 5th, 1985, in Okinawa, Japan, I gave my life to Jesus Christ and HE saved me from my sins.

I am thankful that God sought me out and that because of my Christian heritage, I knew where to turn.


 Please feel free to post what you are thankful for, below.


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